4 Types Of Artificial Nails You Can Buy

4 Types Of Artificial Nails You Can Buy

Modern and advancing technology has led to the development of new ways of doing things. For example, women had their natural nails done in the past, while it's not the case now. Nowadays, some are still proud to rock their nails. However, a majority has fake nails, for example, the french tip acrylic nails. They spend long hours getting them done, and the results are superb. There is a variety to choose from, ranging from acrylics to press-on nails. In this extract, we outline types of artificial nails.

Which nails are regarded as artificial?

The women that like these nails really appreciate their convenience. Others wouldn't wear them at all. You spend more to have them installed and decorated, unlike with natural nails. Good nails make you look neat, presentable, and ready for your day or week. Some artificial nails are more common than others, but they serve the same purpose. They include;

1. Acrylic artificial nails

In every salon or beauty parlor, you walk into; you'll find these nails. Their creation involves a combination of a monomer and polymer. Technicians love them as they are easy to apply and work on to give the desired designs. When applied to your nails, they bond well and can last for an extended period. These nails are usually long and come in a particular shape. Some people want to prefer them long while others like them short. The technician reduces the length and files them until you are satisfied with the profile. A significant downside of acrylic nails is their weight. They are heavier than other nails causing inconvenience, especially for first-time users.

2. Gel artificial nails

These nails appear natural and can be mistaken for actual nails. A gel builder is applied on the nail surface and placed under a UV light to dry. The technician continues doing until they achieve the perfect coat and look. Gel nails are lighter and more comfortable than acrylics. Unfortunately, their cost is on the higher side. Also, the gel may have adverse effects on your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

3. Press on artificial nails

They are also known as glue-on nails. They were known in the late 90s but are now back, and people love them. They are a form of acrylic nails. The difference is they are ready-made, and all you do is press them on your nails. Unlike acrylics, they don't last long but come in handy when in a hurry or attending an event. They come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. They are very affordable and easy to apply and take off.

Wrap nails

They were the first type of fake nails developed and are slowly fading away. They are made from silk, linen, or fiber. The silk is layered and cut into shapes glued to your nail. They are suitable for strengthening nail tips and preventing breakage.

Final words

Fake nails are readily available on shopping websites or stores. A technician can install them for you in a salon. Alternatively, you can do it yourself in the case of press-on nails. These nails are great when you don't want to expose your natural nails. Some are pricey than others but worth the money spent. Your choice of fake nails depends on the look you want, the pros and cons, the ease of application and removal, and time.